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Coach Molly
“Camri is the BEST! Both my daughter and I have been to her on multiple occasions and have had great results! Also, as a personal trainer, I have complete confidence in referring my clients to her. She is so knowledgeable about movement as it relates to the body. And although physically therapy is not always pain free, she makes the process quite pleasant! Additional, she has a calm presence and an excellent bedside manner, so you will feel comfortable knowing that you are in excellent hands!!”
Lacey B.
“Camri is absolutely amazing. She has so much knowledge of the muscular system and how it functions. She has helped me and my family over the past year to resolve chronic and new injuries. We are so thankful for her help to make us well again”
W. Brandon H.
“Camri partnered with me for 15 weeks in my continuous journey to achieving better health. I found her approach to be unique, refreshing, and incredibly thoughtful as she addressed mind, soul, and body wellness in our weekly sessions and the part they all play in leading healthier, more fulfilling lives. She makes herself available for accountability, reminders, and help throughout the week. I was always encouraged to call/text/email if I needed anything outside of our set meeting times. I strongly encourage people who need either a jump start or fresh perspective and encouragement in their health journeys to talk to her about all the ways CLIMB can help achieve their goals.”
Brittni R.
“Camri is absolutely amazing! Her experience and knowledge has helped me tremendously with a multitude of ailments. I suffer from migraines and chronic neck pain. She has helped to keep flair ups at bay. She is very quick to see me as needed. She has helped my son with several different issues as an athlete of track and football. Her kind heart, professionalism and expertise will keep us coming back. Thank you Camri for help us to be our best so we can give our best to others!”
Jessica S.
“Camri was the best to work with after my knee surgery. I was nervous and very afraid to do anything, but she had a way to make everything seem doable. The perfect balance of gentleness and firmness (for when I was too afraid to get out my comfort zone)! I definitely have her number handy for future issues.”
Ellen S.
“I’m so glad that I went to see Camri for physical therapy! Camri is extremely knowledgable, patient, and kind. I really enjoyed how she continued to challenge me as I made progressed with my injury. I had gone to a different therapist for my injury before, and never achieved the results I wanted. With Camri, she progressed my exercises as I improved and challenged me in a really good way. I’m now running pain free, which was my goal! I would highly recommend going to Climb Physical Therapy!”
Lindsey S.
“This place has been a wonderful addition to my family’s health and wellness. I’ve been having major shoulder pain and I went in to see Camri for some physical therapy and dry needling and my results were amazing!!! My husband and I started feeling colds and sickness coming on with school starting . We both went in to have IV therapy and by the next morning we felt refreshed and ready to start the week. I cannot recommend CLIMB enough and we will be returning for more Therapy for our family.”
Kara W.
“I can not say enough positive things about working with Camri and CLIMB! I started my journey battling with yoyo dieting, mentally struggling to keep motivated, and not making healthy choices with food or exercise. I was too tired to enjoy life with my family. After working with Camri for the last several months she has opened my eyes to see my health from a different perspective. A positive perspective! I learned how to make attainable goals to work towards slowly and how to battle through mentally and physically to make positive progress. I have learned to enjoy healthier food and see that I am not just telling myself no to all these other things but saying yes to things that make me feel better and give me more energy. I have lost almost 40 pounds and have gained a lot more energy, but more importantly I am learning how to overcome my own pitfalls that have stopped me from making changes in the past. I truly believe this have changed my life forever. I will continue to strive for new goals and stop the yoyo dieting struggle I have been on for decades. Thank you Camri for all you do!”
Eileen S.
“Camri is absolutely AMAZING. She has been my son’s physical therapist for over a year. She has pushed him (and sometimes me, too) out his comfort zone and he has grown tremendously. She always has new ideas and she is full of resources. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Stacy G.
“I give Camri 5 STARS!! I’ve been dealing with pain in my shoulder for over a year. I am very happy with the progress I’ve made and attribute that to the care from Camri. I’ve received both physical therapy and dry needling. I’m sleeping better and the pain has dramatically decreased. The ability to schedule at home sessions is very convenient for me and my family. I would recommend Camri to any family or friend.”
Kristen Y.
“Camri is the patron saint of mamas…especially this one! She has taken my baby from being unable to sit up on her own to just about ready to walk in 3 short months. She works miracles in the most gracious and loving ways. She’s helped me learn how to assist my child with her mobility challenges, taught me how to tape her legs, given me solid nutritional advice for my picky eater, and been a good and encouraging friend. She comes to my home weekly for my daughter’s therapy sessions. She receives 45 minutes of therapy through play. She never loses her patience and she is genuinely happy when we see positive results. I’m so grateful she’s in our lives and I would recommend her services to anyone. I’ll never be able to thank her adequately for what she’s done for us.”
Jeff B.
“Camri was able to help me get back into the gym after struggling with shoulder pain from too many years of throwing a baseball. Her dry needling techniques on my neck and shoulder allowed me to lift weights without pain the very next day.”

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